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Pharmaceutical Expert Witness

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Paul Abato Consulting

Dr Abato has invented new medicine in the form of fully qualified clinical candidates for diverse indications such as multiple sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy. As a Medicinal Chemist, Dr Abato has also conducted research in theareas of Malaria, Tuberculosis and Cancer.

His knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical field as both, an industry recognized consultant where he has consulted for Several Major pharmaceutical companies as well as Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute.

Dr Abato also teaches at Roger Williams University and is accustomed to educating both science and non-science majors which is an asset when educating the Judge and Jury.

Paul Abato Consulting

Dr Abato has testified in high stakes litigation cases at the International Trade Commission and federal courts for major players in the pharmaceutical industry. He has experience with ANDA, trade secret, trademark infringement, patent infringement and contract law cases relating to pharmaceuticals.

Dr Abato has been involved in 8 cases, been deposed 5 times and has testified at trial on 4 occasions.

Download Dr Abato’s CV Here, which includes a complete list of case numbers and Law Firms that he has represented.

Paul Abato Consulting

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Dr Abato won the prestigious “Heroes of Chemistry Award” from the American Chemical Society in 2019 for his pioneering stability studies and formulation work contributions to NUZYRA, the latest treatment for antibacterial resistant bacterial infections.