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Pharmaceutical Expert Witness

About Paul Abato Consulting

About Paul Abato Consulting

Dr. Abato has served as a pharmaceutical expert witness in numerous cases because he is able to provide what few other pharmaceutical experts can. He has an understanding and unique perspective of the complex issues and dynamics of ANDA and patent infringement cases, based on his extensive pharmaceutical industry experience with drug formulation, drug discovery as well as his past experience working on a high profile ANDA case.

He understands the complex issues of ANDA and patent infringement cases involving formulations of drugs and medications. Given his knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical field as both, an industry recognized consultant and as a professor, Dr. Abato is an exceptional asset to the legal community.

Patent cases in the biotechnology realm rarely require expertise in one particular field. It helps to have an expert who can analyze the scientific issues from multiple perspectives. Not only is Dr. Abato an expert on drug formulation but is also an expert in the development of new medicines and therefore understands the interplay between chemistry and biology as it applies to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Paul Abato Consulting

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