About Paul Abato Consulting

Dr. Abato understands ANDA case litigation. For example, he is familiar with tactics such as using conflicting strategies of infringement and invalidity simultaneously against formulation patents.

Dr Abato was involved in a high profile case where he consulted for Mylan against Pfizer. He wrote an opening report, rebuttal report, was deposed and was involved in pre trial preparation prior the case settling one day before the trial. Dr Abato has also written a declaration used in claim construction for a separate ANDA case.

Dr Abato has also has experience with contract disputes. He is involved with a case involving the degradation of a pharmaceutical drug product in which he relied upon his expertise in formulations, drug stability and the code of federal regulation title 21 (21 CFR).


Paul Abato Consulting

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Dr Abato consulted for Thorn Research in a patent infringement case involving the formulation for a nutraceutical in Thorn Research vs Xymogen. He reverse engineered the contested product and corroborated the results with the document evidenced produced by the manufacturer of the contested products.

His knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical field as both, an industry recognized consultant and as a professor, Dr. Abato is an exceptional asset to the legal community.

Patent cases in the biotechnology realm rarely require expertise in one particular field. It helps to have an expert who can analyze the scientific issues from multiple perspectives. Not only is Dr. Abato an expert on drug formulation but is also an expert in the development of new medicines and therefore understands the interplay between chemistry and biology as it applies to efficacy, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.