Expert Witness Services

Dr. Abato’s expertise includes drug research, formulation, extensive structure-activity relationships (SAR), drug development, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, dosing routs, and pre-clinical testing.

Dr Abato’s services have been retained by a major generic pharmaceutical drug company in a high-profile case, he was deposed and participated in pretrial preparation.

Dr Abato recently was contracted in a patent case for a nutraceutical company where he was deposed and gave testimony at trial.

His services have just been retained by an undisclosed generic pharmaceutical company in conjunction with an ANDA dispute.

Dr Abato provides the following services:

-Prior art searches
-Infringement/non-infringement contentions
-Vetting scientific experts
-Claim Construction Strategy
-Trial testimony
-Drug Testing
-Reverse Engineering of Drug Formulations
-Analysis of Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals
-In depth comparison of topic/issue with The Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21 CFR)

Paul Abato Consulting