Pharmaceutical Consulting

Dr Abato provides consulting services for medicinal chemistry, drug formulation, chemistry manufacturing and controls, literature search/summary and management of CROs.

Presently Dr Abato is consulting for Bill and Melinda Medical Research Institute.

Expert witness Consulting

Dr Abato has been involved in 6 cases, been deposed 3 times and has testified at trial in a federal court. He has consulted for major players on the generic and branded side. Dr Abato is familiar with Hatch-Waxman / ANDA type litigation. He has also been involved with a high stakes trademark infringement case within the synthetic biology market space.

Download Dr Abato’s CV Here, which includes a complete list of case numbers and Law Firms that he has represented.

-Infringement/non-infringement contentions
-Vetting other scientific experts
-Claim Construction Strategy
-Expert Reports
-Trial testimony
-Drug Testing

-Reverse Engineering of Drug Formulations
-Analysis of Dietary Supplements, Drug formulations
-In depth comparison of topic/issue with The Code of Federal Regulations Title 21
(21 CFR)


Dr. Abato is a Medicinal Chemist. His expertise includes drug research, medicinal
chemistry, organic chemistry, drug formulation for; IT, IV, IP, ICV, IN, IM and oral dosing routs, stability studies, extensive structure-activity relationships, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, as well as all pre-clinical testing required for IND submission to the FDA.

Dr Abato was awarded the prestigious “Heroes of Chemistry Award” by the American Chemical Society in 2019 for his contribution to NUZYRA, the latest antibiotic that works on antibacterial resistant bacteria.

Additionally, he has developed qualified clinical candidates for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Multiple Sclerosis. As a Medicinal Chemist, Dr Abato has also conducted research in the areas of Malaria, Tuberculosis and Cancer.

Paul Abato Consulting

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